Monday, May 06, 2019


May 5, 2019| 11:47pm

Was talking to mico about this blog, he said that he wants to be amused that's why he went back to my blog to read my post.

I tried to go back too and read my post. I am not as amazed as it used to when going back, maybe it's premature or I'm just not really in the mood, But I still read back anyway,

It's just a matter of minutes when my attention shifted away and found another blog. I thought I know that person, I know his name but the person writing is a stranger. Nevertheless, the post he has is kind of cool and uplifting. Then, I got bored again. Next.

I went back to my blogs and started reading again. This is all while I am chatting with mico.

All these readings make me want to go back here again, hence this post. Ciao!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

aww..been idle for a while now.. hope to have time to update.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


i was really reluctant to meet the Lifegroup when mico first mentioned them to me. But I never closed myself to them.. its just that im not investing that much of an effort.... well thats before.. :)

We met Vic, Sein, Mimi and Bert initially and we had lunch at the harbourfront food court. Its a typical meet up.. hi and hello's, what do you do and whats your number things... (which im not really a fan of honestly... its just so fake to me.. im so bad..) well we didnt discuss that time we just had a get to know conversations and Vic gave us an overview with what they are doing with the Lifegroup. Then the lunch finished and we parted ways....

Then the next few days, sein txt us about a surprise birthday party for vic... Its a nice timing for us since we get to meet the rest of the guys...

We arrived at the venue a little bit late some of them are already sitting in the table... But one thing ive noticed is that they are so warm and welcoming, i never really felt that we 'just met'. After the awkward stage (at least for me) of introducing our selves and what do you do introductions, its just simultaneous...

The girl that i really first notice is Grace.. which is like the 'noisiest' of them.. hehe.. i mean she is the one who really loves to talk and really asking sincere questions to get to know you.. the rest of the guys im still awkward but as the time goes by also proved to be as warm and sincere as grace... maybe ill have a separate post to honor them.

Well its a good night and also a good initial bonding for us.. we get to hear testimonials and to honor Vic as early as a few days that we have met. And by the way they treated us that night! How generous of them!

I though lifegroup is like a hardcore bible study thingy that i remembered going into when i was young... boy i was wrong! well... its still bible study but its not as boring as i have remembered. We get to share, crack jokes, relay the message to everyday life… i just want to quote one from jeff he said something like "we can always alot a time taking a bath every day, so why cant we a lot a time to read the bible everyday?" Isnt that so practical? isnt that creative? Then i just found myself willingly aloting my whole sunday for service and lifegroup!

Here are some of the pics that we have so far, we get to surf, eat to diff restaurants and the most memorable of all is celebrating new years eve with them. yohoo!! Now that we are away from our family in this special occasion it can be pretty lonesome but this one is different. Its all happy faces, laughing voices and cheerful feeling! Enjoy the pics!

Christmas Reach Out Program

Grace's Suprise Birthday

Music Ministry Christmas Carol in Orchard

Videoke night after the 'as such time like this' with Nesa

Surfing time with Dean and Ryzl

New Year's Eve

note: may need to put some more pic in the coming days

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fast Forward

Now everything had settled in here in Singapore.
We've got a place to stay.
Got a new iPhone.
Enjoyed our first salary.
Paid our debts.
Nice company.
Enjoyed our training.

Now the time line is a couple of months taking calls:

Everyday I drag myself going to work. Always thinking of saying my opening spiel 20++ times today and sometimes i cant even get my mouth to talk! I hate the thought that Im already a server support in KL and now I am back in taking calls. I hate this job!

Now I'm re evaluating my decisions.

During these days I ask God, God do you really want me here? Is this really what You want us to do? Is it really your will that everything went fine during my recruitment here? OR is it just me? Is it just me that pushed everything and its not really Your will for me to be here? I realized that big salary didn't really matter if you don't like what you are doing. Sometimes money isn't always the answer.

Mike and me had been going to ENCS service every sunday a few weeks after we got here. Sometimes the service encourages us but most of the time, we still feels empty. Its like im feeling obligated to wake up in a sunday morning to go to church. I even argue saying that "its my restday right? why do i have to set my alarm?" I know its not good but its how it is during that time.

Then, we decided to sign up for small group. Well, its always not that easy you know... mike has always asked me to join a small group since we are in the Philippines and I just "Yeah sure" without my heart on it. In Malaysia he again opened it up to me and i said "Yeah sure why not" but no effort at all.. Then here in SIngapore, I also said yes with the same feeling "just to say yes to it and lets see what happen" well i did try to look for one though checked the location of the groupd leaders, if its mixed or for men only or for women only... then i cant find what will "fit me and my schedule".

One day, mike told me, "they replied to my email... were gonna meet the small group leader later". �nd my respond is just "okay" then after service im not sure why im so anxious.. and silent.. also im a bit un easy.... it may be because i dont know what to expect... im shy to meet new people... or any other things that could be..

Then there you go, i was like "go mico initiate everything, its your idea". then everything went fine. They are filipinos as well, we met Vic, the group leader and the members sein, mimi, and bert... they are great, accommodating, so generous and very warm..

Its still unclear for me what will happen next by then. But one thing im sure of... god really is speaking many times and in many ways! (heb 1:1)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here I am trying to write again.. Well, its been an exciting year for my 2010 and a great beginning for my 2011!

I know that God has something for us here in Singapore when he allowed the schedule of our First day in Mansanas be adjusted to meet the required 30 days notice period from our previous company.

I guess this post will be more understood if i put some prelude to it... So here goes...


I was sleeping in a monday afternoon (if i remember the day right) when my phone rang. It was mico, he was telling me that Mansanas has called and conducted an interview. I was like Huwaat? with my eyes still half closed... then he told me to prepare because i will be next for the interview. Then suddenly all the sleepiness that i feel vanished, grabbed my laptop and browsed through their website. Then poom! the phone rang and the interview started...

It was a whirlwind experience after that... But i can really say that God is preparing us for something big in the coming days... The new company is really pushing us to finish our requirements in 2 weeks... then here comes the old company asking us to buy out our immediate resignation then at the end when we already have found enough fund for it, they took the condition back asking us we need to serve 30 days notice period... Everything is just not going as they should be and the two companies just have a very conflicting demands.Then we prayed to God, since we really would like to transfer here in singapore, and to our boldness, we didn't even asked for his plan, but we already claimed that this new opportunity is for us. The next day, all the point of contact cannot be contacted if we needed to ask something and all of our request was denied. We are already anxious and shaken but still we say to ourselves "God we claim this, this is for us!" Then we are reaching the end of our threads, options are running out and desperately came to this plan to come back and forth from malaysia to singapore in case "worse comes to worst". But by the grace of God we received this (excerpt) email 5 days before our start date:

May 26, 2010

Hi Lou Rain,

Revised Start date

Please be informed that your start date with us has been revised to 2 June 2010 (Wed) instead of 31 May 2010 (Mon).

Welcome onboard!

Congratulations on joining the Family!

For those who are able to start work with us on 2 June, please arrive at the Reception on Wednesday (2 June 2010) at 8.45am to look for me to begin the on-boarding process.

It was really a humbling beginning for us and I would say this is the first step for us towards getting to know God more. I learned to pray more and take step forward in faith...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

what you gonna do if you got no food?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

its been silent for a while here... ill be writing again soon.. life is good. :)